Nathan Moryc (N8)

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, DJ, Photographer



The power of music and artistic expression have never ceased to amaze me. Having the ability to create something new that inspires and makes people feel a certain way is incredible to me. This is why I chose to start  N8 Entertainment in 2003. I was intrigued by the concept of DJing and wanted to be the source of the entertainment. My passion for music evolved over the years, and I started becoming more interested in the composition of music. I wanted to be the one who created the songs that moved people, not just played them.  After delving into production, I realized the art of engineering music. I knew that learning how to better understand sound and the techniques that go into mixing a record would help me become more marketable and self sufficient, so I pursued my Audio Engineering degree from Belmont University. Music allowed me to express myself sonically, but I craved another outlet, so I began studying photography so that I would be able to visually inspire as well. I am extremely thankful to God for the talents and opportunities He has given me! I hope you enjoy  and are inspired by my art!


Nowadays everyone with an iPhone and an aux chord considers themselves a DJ, so its easy to be skeptical.


Here is what I can offer you:


12 Years Experience

State-of-the-art Hardware and Software

1200 Watt PA w/ 18in Sub

Lighting & Visual FX (Lasers, LEDs, Strobes, Fog, Blacklights)

Radio Edited Music Available

Live Mixing

Affordable Rates



Mix by N8 (Unedited)

Executive DJ


Want to take your song to the commercial level? Let me mix your session.


Here is what I can offer you:


10 Years Experience

Audio Engineering Degree (Belmont University)

Experience at world class studios (Starstruck, Blackbird)

Experience with SSL and Neve Consoles

DAW: Pro Tools 12, Ableton Live

Affordable Rates




Feel like you have what it takes to be the next big artist, but are just lacking the production skills? Let me help produce your next song!


Here is why you should choose N8 Entertainment:


12 Years Experience

Artists Produced: Robert James, Bailey Laine, Cooper Anstett

Genre Diverse: Hip-hop, Pop, Rock, Country

Experience at world class studios (Starstruck, Blackbird)

State-of-the-art Equipment

Affordable Rates



Sound For Picture

Looking for the soundtrack to your next movie?


Check out our score library to see if we have something that will fit the scene, or contact us directly to write for your movie!









Projects I've been involved with lately

Adam Audio 30sec Soundtrack Submission